A Breakthrough in Diabetes Care

Standard Diagnostics, Inc., launches SD Codefree Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

SD Codefree is designed for ease of use and ease of care for various people with diabetes. Since it’s Codefree, it longer uses a code chip to function. Compared to the previous products, the Codefree uses a wider gold electrode. Its memory has also been boosted up from 400 results to 500 results. It also is slightly bigger by 3mm (width and height) to the old product, but lighter by 2.5g.

Unlike other meters, the SD Codefree has a Pre & Post Meal-Mark, which means it will warn you to check your glucose before and after meals. It also has a Hypo Warning to let you know you need more sugar in your system. SD Codefree also uses a Diabetes Management Software so you can sync your meter to your PC for easy and organized diabetes care.

Each box includes a blood glucose meter, blood glucose test strip, a lancing device, Lancets, a carrying case, battery, check strip, a self-test diary, a user guide, and a quick guide. A control solution is optional.

It truly is a BIG STEP toward the BIG DIFFERENCE in Diabetes Care!

For ordering or to know more about the product, contact us. We’d be glad to hear from you!